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So let's break out the blender.

Theres' a fine art to a solid smoothie. You could end up with a calorie bomb in a glass, or just a runny green mess. Neither option is really what you're going for. Experimenting with smoothie mixes is a good way to break my son out of a mood (he's only three, should it really start this early?), all it takes is a stocked pantry and freezer. Here's my starter smoothie shopping list.


- ground flax seeds (omegas, nutty flavour, thickener - store well in fridge for ages)

- natural nut butter, personal favourite is Adams (store upside down before opening, mix after opening then store in fridge)

- maple syrup

- dried dates

- unsweetened cocoa powder


- frozen, chopped bananas

- frozen raspberries

- frozen blueberries

- frozen, pre cooked beets

- frozen, cubed spinach (I cannot get onboard with kale in my smoothie)


- unsweetened almond or coconut milk

- plain yogurt

- carrots

- coconut milk

- cold espresso (toss it in with a banana, some cocoa and almond milk)


- mint (try a frozen yogurt mango mint lassie with spinach)

- don't add kale (I wasn't kidding)

Get to mixing. Remember to add ice and that you never need as much liquid as you think you do.

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