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That's right, go ahead and groan before I tell you the two keys to successfully eating well in this household is a little bit of planning. The first - well that's burger Thursday. Ever hear of the 80/20 rule? Eat well 80% of the time...basically don't be too hard on yourself, it's balance that will keep you honest, and happy.

The second key to eating well is a little bit of planning. Our household is full, we've got two business owners, one toddler, one newly minted baby, a dog and we're knee deep into a kitchen reno, so I get it, life is busy. If you've got time to sit and enjoy a morning coffee then you've got time to whip up a grocery list - plan your meals.

Rule of thumb in these parts is to squeeze in 2-3 meat free meals a week, plan for at least one night where you will only have the energy to warm something up, and plan to not cook at least one night a week. That leaves you 2 solid and clean vegetarian options + 3 protein options with sides. Wondering what to do with that meal you will not want to cook? Chili Eggs is your answer.